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Reporting a Death
You must report the death of an individual receiving MLGW Pension benefits AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid overpayment of benefits. Any Payments made to the member after their death may result in an overpayment of benefits. The MLGW Retirement and Pension System with be required to collect any overpayment from the beneficiary or family member.

If you have any questions regarding reporting the death of an MLGW Retirement and Pension System retiree or survivor, contact the Pension Department at 901-528-4408 or by emailing

When reporting the death, you will need to provide the following information:

Reporting a Death Process
Update/Change your Beneficiary
When you retired, you may have designated a beneficiary (or multiple beneficiaries), however, during retirement, certain life events can impact your MLGW retirement and Pension benefits, such as a mariage, a divorce, or the death of your beneficiary.

Depending on the type of life event, you may wish to make the following changes:
Add a beneficiary
Remove a beneficiary and change
your beneficiary designation

Need to Change Your Beneficiary?
Please contact the MLGW Pension Department by calling 901-528-4408 or emailing You may also print, complete, and email or mail the form to the Pension department if any changes are needed.
When should I expect my Pension Check?
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